• Biddy Poultry Bedder evenly distributes poultry bedding.

    • Heavy duty robust construction
    • Suitable sawdust, shavings, straw and peat
    • Adjustable material flow control
    • Available in 3 model sizes 2.4m3, 2m3 & 1.6m3.

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    Biddy Cubicle Bedder is a fast and efficient way to evenly bed cattle houses, bedding in minutes and reducing material usage up to 50%.

    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Hardox wear strip
    • Even distribution of materials.
    • Available in 3 models.

  • Biddy Tilt Buck
    applications include:

    • Grading
    • Landscaping
    • Slope finishing
    • 45° in each direction
    • High Capacity & tapered
    • ideal for soil shifting

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  • Biddy Four-In-One Bucket applications include:

    • Versatile - digs, grades, grips
    • Clamshells; Handles logs
    • Boulders & scrap
    • Switches between digging & ditching
    • Ideal for uprooting

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    Biddy Land Aerator penetrates the soil allowing oxygen, rain water and nutrients to seep in, resulting in deeper rooted, fast growing, and strong grass.

    • Even distribution of weight.
    • Large drum prevents any ground damage.
    • Also acts as a silage packer.

  • Biddy Bucket Grab has a multitude of uses, not restricted to agricultural duties. Many agricultural duties including:

    • Manure
    • Fencing
    • Hedging
    • Feeding

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    Biddy High Tip Bucket

    • For loading high-sided trailers
    • Low internal tipping where head-room is minimal
    • Rapid tipping and return action
    • The handling of sawdust, shavings and manure


    Biddy Wheeled loader High-Tip bucket applications include:

    • Rear spill guard
    • Greedy bars
    • Heavy duty welded heel plate
    • Cushioned rams
    • Suitable for 8-17 tonne loaders

The Biddy team delivers strong engineering design, robust fabrication and meticulous assembly. Only when we’re happy do we apply the Biddy logo that is your guarantee of an innovative and quality product. We provide solutions to everyday tasks with reliable and robust products that improve profitability and reduce time and effort.

We offer attachments with a difference, engineered to work optimally for the user whilst incorporating durability and value for money. Our engineers have designed and developed a product range that meets customer expectation and are confident that Biddy Attachments is the right choice, we understand that our customers expect the best products available to them on the market.

Biddy Attachments offers solutions for the more demanding applications, helping the customer work more efficiently. At Biddy Attachments customer service is paramount, from helping our customers choose the right attachment, to ensuring our after-sales service meet your requirements.


View our Poultry Spreader demonstration video.

Biddy delivers attachment solutions that ensure

Innovation - High performance and durability - Value for money


Our product range serves a number of industry sectors including;


  • Recycling
  • Waste
  • Forestry
  • Construction and earth moving
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Ports and docks
  • Agricultural