Land Aeration is a no-till application, hay fields can be worked
while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down so they
are not exposed to sunlight and Cattle can remain in fields.


Benefits of aeration

By reducing the soil compaction and root-bound sod, this encourages deeper grass roots, resulting in greener, thicker grass. Aeration allows the soil to obtain nutrients, absorbing all rain, fertilizer or natural waste applications and multiplies worm activity.

How the Biddy Land Aerator works?

Our 8” blades Design can fracture and shatter clay-type soil 10” to 14” deep. The more soil resistance there is against the blades, the deeper the fracture will result. These deep factures allow the new roots to easily grow to a proper depth, maximizing drainage, drought resistance and nutrient availability. Aerating the topsoil to a depth of 200mm (8in), increases the nitrogen mineralization and nutrient uptake.


Designed for all conditions

Ranging in weight from 2—8 ton Biddy offers by far the smartest machine on the market. Our unique spiral design results in an even pull behind the tractor. Usually aeration can be completed in one-smooth pass at speeds of 15-20 KPH. Having the ability to fill the main drum with water guarantees maximum blade penetration in all conditions, from hard-baked clays to stony soil conditions. This means aeration can be done at the optimum time to ensure a deep shattering effect, not just when the soil is soft enough, which can often result in smearing.

Additional benefits of the Biddy Land Aerator

During the aerating process, the Biddy land aerator will also take care of any protruding stones above ground lev- el. The large diameter barrel will eliminate the need of a basic land roller as well as helping the aerating process by increasing the strike force.

Made from Hardox 500 steel, our blades have a clever self-sharpening design. The hardened blades are capable of working in all conditions from heavy clays to rocky pastures. Even then, they have an exceptionally long life expectancy. While other lightweight aerators will solve surface issues, Biddy machines look after the subsoil too.


Deeper penetrating blades

Although surface cuts are the first step in the improvement process, deep shattering is the very important second step. Having the subsoil fractured or “mellowed”, the roots can make the most of moisture and nutrients at depth. Critical to this is timing, deep shattering will only occur when the soil is dry but lightweight aerators won’t penetrate when the surface is hard. Only a heavy-duty, heavyweight Biddy machine is capable of doing the whole job.



  • Heavy duty Construction
  • Various of working widths
  • 20mm Hardox 500 Blades
  • Double chamfered blades to reduce stress
  • Heavy duty 80mm shaft bearings
AR 25 Mounted AR 30 Mounted AR 25 Trailed AR 30 Trailed
Depth (mm) 1690 1690 4300 4300
Overall width (mm) 2700 3145 2700 3145
Working width (mm) 2550 3000 2550 3000
Unladen weight (kg) 2280 2550 3280 3530
Weight filled (kg) 4050 48520 5210 5800
Roller diameter 40" 40" 40" 40"
Blade size 8" 8" 8" 8"



  • Rear Hydraulic wheel kit
  • Soft ride transport system
  • 6 or 8 stud axles
  • 500/70x17 Flotation tyres
  • 400/60/15.5 Flotation tyres
  • Full LED lighting kit