The cubicle bedder can be used for bedding with sawdust, chopped straw,
paper and sand. In addition the machine can be used for dry feeding
and can also be adapted to dispense drainage stone.




Bedding a cattle house in minutes!

The cubicle bedder can bed a cattle house in minutes; much quicker than using manual techniques. The bedder can also reduce material usage up to 50%. This is because the bedder dispenses an even amount of material throughout the process.

Adjustable material flow rate

The rate of material flow to the conveyor belt can be infinitely adjusted using the flow control plates. This will reduce the amount of material released into the cubicle. Adjusting the forward driving speed, together with an optional flow control valve, the operator can have complete control of the material.


Direct the material flow

Equipped with an agitator on the inside of the hopper the material can be directed onto the conveyor belt which can be dispensed from either side. The agitator also prevents material from bridging to the inside of the hopper.

No more clogging!

The bedder is provided with dual spoke drums as standard which prevent the material clogging under the belt. This reduces maintenance and unnecessary wear of the conveyor components. The spoke drums are fixed to linear bearings which can adjust to tension and align the conveyor belt.



  • Heavy duty construction
  • Hardox Cutting edge
  • Large Internal Agitator
  • Heavy Duty Chevron belt
  • Duplex Chain drive conveyor
  • Direct drive agitator
  • Easy accessible flow control adjustment plates
  • 2-pac painted finish



CB 0.8

CB 1.3

CB 1.6

CB 2.2

Depth (mm)

1040 1185 1325 1325

Height (mm)

1000 1125 1250 1250

Width (mm)

1650 1855 2060 2460

Weight (kg)

430 525 615 750

Cubic Capacity (m³)

0.8 1.3 1.6 2.2



  • Flow Control Valve - This allows the operator to manually control the flow to the hydraulic motors thus allowing infinite speed adjustments of the conveyor and auger system.
  • Hydraulic Tipping Frame - This enables the bedder to be hydraulically tipped for self-loading from a tractor 3-point linkage.