Can be used for general purposes including slope finishing, land clearing, waste handling, grading
road & lane crowning.


Maximum controlling tilt
The Biddy heavy duty hydraulic tilt buckets are both designed and manufactured in Ireland. Each bucket is CE marked to ensure they will perform in the very toughest of environments. This heavy duty tilt bucket has two hydraulic cylinders for maximum control allowing the bucket tilt 45 degrees in each direction. The sides of the tilt bucket are tapered to allow for the best possible material flow.

Options available on request
Every bucket is made to order for all makes and models of excavators ranging from 4 – 22 Tonne. Other sizes, possibilities and options are available on request.


  • 5 degree Tapered sides for better material tipping
  • Internal rib for increased bucket strength
  • Complete 45 degrees tilt in either direction
  • Dual Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for excellent holding power
  • Hardox material used throughout the design
  • Larger capacity bucket
Tilt Bucket Specs 4-6 Tonne 6-8 Tonne 10-14 Tonne 20-22 Tonne
Depth (mm) 545 665 760 940
Height (mm) 830 1000 1080 1350
Width (mm) 1350 1560 1925 2310
Weight (kg) 205 350 615 910
Cubic Capacity (m3) 0.25 0.36 0.51 1.05




  • Flow Control Valves for easy adjustment of tilting speed to suit customer working preferences (for excavators above 10 tonnes)
  • Reversible Bolt on Toe plate